Had bought this little studio experience as a gift for “S” for her birthday in 2020, and of course, for all the help she extended to me while putting up my 2020 Ph.D. exhibition. We only finally made it to the studio last Friday, thanks to the generosity and patience of Beata! The process is so simple, yet the rewards are in the feel of it when it is done. These first trials were the result of learning “how to” and then getting down to some making, and fun. The entire exercise took us about two and a half hours with some awesome chats with the lovely Beata at ‘Soigne‘ located at Octopus studios. They are very rough and ready, but a great start to doing some more thinking around this!

The result of course is I have ordered a third arm, and some silver solder and flux (despite being lectured to by fellow designer “CB” on the evils of buying off Amazon!). More around this playing about soon!