the daily thing

There is something about the eye-roll that is such an effective communication of derision, boredom or exasperation… We don’t really have a word for it. And while it it usually benign, or reserved almost exclusively for teenagers to use against their parents and teachers… here is what I felt in response to the tedious narrative of war. I realise ‘tedious’ is a trivial word for horrific events and ghastly human tragedy, but from so far away, I am not sure how to respond to this. I have stopped reading the news, I don’t have a television, and don’t listen to the radio. From being really immersed in the news, I am now completely out of it.

But in general, Women’s narratives are seen as less “important” and I am not really convinced anything is worth the carnage.

Back to the eye-roll girl—the invitation to interact with something is always a lovely experience. A quiet, happy conversation with the object world. Why 2 sets of eyes… I suppose it was a way to say it was collective…. Anyway – it was just a bit of morning fun! Another hour’s fun ‘thing’ of play with paper in the morning. And the blue eyes… they remind me of my Mum!