East Gippsland Framing

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Martin and Elizabeth established their new art framing and printing business in East Gippsland. I figured that they wanted an identity that reflected both their place as well as their business.
I found myself thinking of ‘Martin’ and the Swallow Martins – this lead me to local bird life around East Gippsland – after playing with the kingfisher and other wonderful Australian birds I pretty soon settled on the New Holland Honey Eater (a further tongue-in-cheek reference to Martin’s Dutch ancestry as well!)

The New Holland Honeyeater, common to the east Gippsland Area is the Mascot for East Gipplsland Framing! It lives in heath, forests, woodland and gardens, mainly where Grevilleas and Banksias are found. It is inquisitive and readily approaches humans.The New Holland Honeyeater is an active industrious bird, and rarely sits still long enough to give an extended view.

I also developed a set of alternate illustrations of the New Holland Honeyeater for extended usage over time.

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