Anatomy of Voice ~ David Musgrave

Book Layout and Design • GloriaSMH Press • Melbourne
Book from GloriaSMH press. Launched in Sydney, just in time for the Sydney Writers’ Festival. The book is designed with the header gloss in Section One printed in reverse to present as a ghost text.

Congratulations to David Musgrave on winning the State Library of Queensland Poetry Collection – Judith Wright Calanthe Award for Anatomy of Voice. This is an extract from the Judges Comments from hereAnatomy of Voice is a work of intellectual devotion. It operates inside and outside of itself at the same time, in the same time. An important book neither shackled to a specific time nor confined to the places it explores but simultaneously fully ‘personally’ realized by an author of the here and now. Further, its formatting and design, as part of the ‘flesh’ of the text, evince a work of great depth and humanity – all of the senses are literally ‘in mind’ and the book as ‘body’ is vivified through words which consume and spiritualise.”
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