I Espy

Illustration, Print • Collingwood College • Melbourne

Poster and Post card for Collingwood College Spring Fair. Designed especially for small children, as something to be looked at for a while and pored over. On the right, the illustration refers to the Collingwood Children’s Farm, The Town Hall, the Aboriginal Sea of Hands installation and the mosaic cones; to the left, the Kitchen Garden, The Beautiful Garden and the Playgrounds.

The postcard asks to look out for

  • 10 bees
  • 9 Birds
  • 8 Beetles
  • 7 Ladybirds
  • 6 Stars
  • 5 Bunnies
  • 4 Snakes
  • 3 Cats
  • 2 Roos
  • 1 Wombat and a few others
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