Salt Wattle Press

Logo Design, Resolution over different formats

Salt Wattle Press is a Publishing house that operates across across Melbourne and Western Australia.

The Salt Wattle (Acacia Maconochieana) is a threatened species of tree mostly confined to the arid far north of Australia, where its shade is valued. Its gum is said to be sweet tasting and its unusually hard wood provides indigenous people with clap-sticks, spears, boomerangs, shields and digging sticks. It grows mostly in sandy soil around the extensive lake system fed by Sturt Creek on the edge of the Kimberley.

Based on a simplified drawing of the Salt Wattle flower, the logo gives a sense of smallness and expresses the bespoke quality of the press whilst acknowledging of the delicacy of the natural world. The text in contrast is a gothic style font with small glyphic serifs that emphasize the blunt terminus of vertical and horizontal strokes.

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