I am an Assistant Professor of Industrial Design at the Emily Carr University for Art and Design, in Vancouver, Canada. Prior to this, I taught in the School of Design at RMIT University, in Melbourne, Australia, from where I also earned my Doctoral degree in Design, in 2021.

I studied design at the National Institute of Design, in Ahmedabad, India, and graduated from there in 1993. I live and work across Canada, Australia, and India—with each place capturing my heart, and my imagination.

I design artefacts and provocations, that in turn feed my teaching practice. My doctoral research examined this space of design and personhood through a reflective examination of my own practice. The resultant framework of InWorlding, proposes a reflexive, methods-based approach to the enduring ‘becoming’, of a designer. My current research focuses on the body, and the ways in which health is influenced by mythology, and social constructs of the body as much as it is by the scientific ways of knowing, examining and seeing.

Design for Maternal Health

The Around~Sound Studio

The Herbarium Studio

Design methods

My professional and creative practice involves the design of books and publications. I have an independent ‘Making Practice‘ that includes the crafting of provocative think-objects, book-binding, Micro-model-furniture, Pin-hole camera making & photography, sewing, and papercutting.

 Papercut Valentine: 60 x 22 cm