Music Exchange Identity

Illustration • Printing • Collingwood College Music Department • Melbourne

When I offered to design the logos for the school music tour at Collingwood College I was inspired to illustrate something that communicated this energetic assortment of children and musical abilities and teachers on a mission to take this music to New Zealand. I  drew out the ‘Mus-echidna’ (right) and played with a grungy feel that I felt the kids like to have on their T shirts. The image worked well and transferred beautifully onto t shirts and labels.

When it came to designing an identity again for the second tour I was guided once again by the fauna of Australia and New Zealand. This time I used the Lyre bird as the basis for my design and put it in conversation with the kiwi (above). Both the illustrations were very different – but played with the theme of the instruments as peripheral appendages being borne by local identities.

Hand drawn and converted and extended as a vector image.

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